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So it’s the partnership-the partnership of your own connected file was “stylesheet”

So it’s the partnership-the partnership of your own connected file was “stylesheet”

So, brand new rel feature you’re probably mainly regularly from using inside the link function near the top of your website once you hook up out to an excellent stylesheet; it is possible to state link rel=”stylesheet” . And what that’s doing is saying, which file I am linking off to try a good stylesheet towards latest file. Here, exactly what we’re claiming is the relationships of one’s connected file-the importance in the href-is actually “me”.

Jeremy Keith: What’s going on this is basically the fn and Hyperlink is having the fresh hCard, and this rel=”me” falls under XFN. Now just what we have over would be the fact actually we’ve got a couple of various other microformats taking place. So: fn, Website link, hCard, rel=”me” , XFN. And is among the many other nice things about microformats: you could potentially mash them upwards. You will get a keen hCard and a keen hCalendar and you will XFN. It provide themselves well to becoming founded Lego-build and place with her in this way. That explains as to why they truly are all of the around: there are two different microformats right here.

So, XFN is it most other microformat. I state it is good microformat, but it’s indeed brand of a good proto-microformat where it lived just before microformats did. Microformats have to go by this whole process before you has a finished microformat. It will take some time and you will, eg We say, it has to complete all these standards, it has to solve a bona-fide state, it must be having fun with items that everyone is currently posting.

XFN did not carry out some of you to definitely.