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A material departure from GAAP requiring a qualified audit opinion

A material departure from GAAP requiring a qualified audit opinion

Plan to audit the transactions during the next engagement

An uncertainty that should not lead to a qualified opinion. A material scope restriction requiring a qualification of the audit opinion. A matter that the auditor wishes to emphasize and that does not lead to a qualified audit opinion.

10. The auditor issued a qualified opinion covering the financial statements of Client A for the year ended . The reason for the qualification was a departure from GAAP. In presenting comparative statements for the years ended financial statements to correct the previous departure from GAAP. The auditor’s 2005 report on the and comparative financial statements will a. Express unqualified opinions on both the 2004 and 2005 financial statements. b. Express a qualified opinion on the 2004 financial statements and an unqualified opinion on the 2005 statements. c. Retain the qualified opinion covering the 2004 statements, but add an explanatory paragraph describing the correction of the prior departure from GAAP. d. 11. An auditor may reasonably issue an “except for” qualified opinion for a. b. c. d.

12. Soon after Boyd’s audit report was issued, Boyd learned of certain related party transactions that occurred during the year under audit.